Welcome to the 27th Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems; 7-10th July 2015; Lund, Sweden

The Euromicro Technical Committee on Real-Time Systems is proud to announce its 27th conference on Real-Time Systems. ECRTS is the premier European venue for presenting research into the broad area of real-time and embedded systems.
The conference has very strong roots within the Real-Time Laboratories and research groups in both Academia and Industry throughout Europe and across the world.

Past Edition

The 26th Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems (ECRTS14) was held in Madrid, Spain. ECRTS can be found on linkedin.com, twitter and facebook.


29.06.2015 - Relevant information for train tickets: Trains from CPH airport to Lund depart usually at XX:06, XX:26 and XX:46 (there is only one train per hour at night). You should take the Oresundt├ąg, not the SJ train. More details: vending machine, initial screen (select buy ticket), destination selection, over the bridge choice, final information, train track.
17.06.2015 - A map of the relevant locations is available
16.06.205 - We are using the conference4me mobile app. To download mobile app, please visit http://conference4me.eu/download or type 'conference4me' in Google Play, iTunes App Store, Windows Phone Store or Amazon Appstore.
26.05.2015 - New information about the keynote, given by Michael Paulitsch from Airbus/Thales
18.05.2015 - The conference program is available
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