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Böcker och tompärmar -- KC!!!
* LCCC Oktober 2018, 3st lådor
* Dynamic Optimization of Transportation Networks with Delays 2020
* Balancing and Locomotion of a Hexapod Robot Traversing Uneven Terrain 2018
* High-Level Control of UAV Swarms with RSSI Based Position Estimation 2017
* Identification and Estimation of DC-Motor Dynamics for the Crazyflie Quadcopter 2017
* RT-Bench, Improved Understanding of Application Performance with Memory Storage 2017
* On Distributed Maximization of Influence in Social Networks 2017
* Declarative Models for Self-Calibrating Robots 2016
* Distributed Control of Dynamic Flows in Traffic Networks 2017
* Driver Modeling, Velocity and Energy Consumption Prediction of Electric Vehicles 2017
* Optimal Control under Quantised Measurements 2017
* Metrics for Integrated Modular Avionics Architecture 2017
* Automatic Scaling of Web Services using an Adaptive Distributed System 2017
* Modeling, Control and Optimal Trajectory Determination for an Autonomous Sailboat 2017
* Development and Implementation of Autonomous Features of a Hexapod Robot 2017
* Modeling and Control of the Crazyflie Quadrotor for Aggressive and Autonomous Flight by Optical Flow Driven State Estimation 2017
* Traceability of Continous Processes 2017
* Autonomous Driving Using Model Predictive Control Methods 2017
* Physical Network Modeling of a Reverse Osmosis Purification Unit 2017
* Relay Auto-Tuners in Modelica 2017
* Evaluation of Calibration Method for Redundant Dual Arm Industrial Robots Using Internal Sensors 2017
* Intellectual property rights in purchasing and sourcing - Overview of current best practices 2017
* A High-Accuracy Wide-Angle Acoustic System for Distance Measurements and Robot Positioning 2017
* Adaptive Control of an Integrator with Unknown Dead-Time 2017
* Calibration of Robot Kinematics Using a Double Ball-Bar with Embedded Sensing 2016
* Real-Time Control of Industrial Robot Cell with PowerLink 2018
* Robot Tool Calibration of an Active Pen with Python using an Enabled Surface from Anoto Technology 2018
* Modeling, Analysis and Control of Underwater Vehicle SROV 2018
* Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle Modeling in Modelica 2018
* Reglerteori 1985
* The Åström Symposium on Control 1999
* Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 1979
* Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 1988
* A Timely Journey Through the Cloud 2019
* On H-Infinity Control and Large-Scale Systems 2019
* SIMNON User's Guide for MS-DOS Computers 1986
* SIMNON User's Guide for MS-DOS Computers 1993
* 16th Nordic Process Control Workshop 2010
* Diverse Examensarbeten i obundet pappersformat, 1968-
* Human-Robot Interaction Based on Motion and Force Control 2019
* Real-Time Multiple Audio Beamforming System 2018
* Statistical and machine learning methods for classification of episodic memory 2018
* Minimizing Side-Channel Attack Vunerability via Schedule Randomization 2018
* Robot-held camera platform for medical applications 2018
* Semi-automation of a spray painting robot 2018
* Automatisk reglering av färgnyans på pappret i en pappersmaskin 2015
* Vibration Reduction in a Gantry Robot 2018
* Evaluation motin capture as a means of systm identification of a quadcopter 2018
* Tuning Feedback-Based Traffic Signal Controls 2018
* Optimal Real Time Bidding in Online Advertising 2018
* Physical modeling of a heavy-duty engine for test-cycle simulations in Modelica 2018
* Building Data Classification and Association 2018
* Motion Planning using Positivley Invariant Sets on a Small-Scale Autonomous Vehicle 2018
* Laguerre Bases for Youla-Parametrized Optimal-Controller Design: Numerical Issues and Solutions 2018
* On Shock Propagation in Financial Networks 2018
* Calibration and Implementation of Robot for Detection of X-rays 2018
* Scheduling Strategies for the Calvin IoT Environment 2018
* On Robustness of Equilibria in Transportation Network 2018
* Principles for tuning heat zone controllers in a belt funrnace through modeling and simulation 2018
* Controller design for Multistorey Buildings via Convex Optimisation 2018
* Carvity Field Control for Linear Particle Accelerators 2019
* Cascade Matched Filtering & Adaptive Threshold Techniques on Optical Tracking Signals under AWGN 2019
* Collision Avoidance in Low-Speed Manuvering suing Camera Data 2019
* Improved control strategies for primary frequency control in Swedish combined heat and power plants 2019
* Dynamic path planning for collision avoidnace in a robotized framework for autonomous driving verification 2019
* Object detection and avoidance using LiDAR on a hydrofoil boat 2019
* Reinforcement Learning-Intelligent Weighting of Monte Carlo and Temporal Differences 2019
* Modelling of respitory mechanics during cardiopulmonary resuscitation 2019
* Tomma pärmar
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