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Från Förråd 2
Avhandlingar 2012-2019
* 2019
- On Robust Distributed Control of Transportation Networks
* 2018
- Model-Based Optimization of Combustion-Engine Control
- Statistical Modeling and Learning of the Environmental and Genetic
Drivers of Variation in Human Immunity
- Machine Learning and System Identification for Estimation in Physical
* 2017
- Rank Reduction with Convex Constraints
- Automatic Controller Tuning using Relay-based Model Identification
- LQG-Based Real-Time Scheduling and Control Codesign
* 2016
- Joint Positioning and Multipath Radio Channel Estimation and Prediction
- Numerical and Symbolic Methods for Dynamic Optimization
- On Trajectory Generation for Robots
- LCCC workshop on Process Control
- Glycemic Control and Temperature Control in Buildnings
* 2015
- On Robotic Assembly using Contact Force Control and Estimation
- Adaptation and Learning for Manipulators and Machining
- Analysis and Design of Software-Based Optimal PID Controllers
- Towards Defence In Depth In Diabetes Glucose Self-Management
- Design of Low-Order Controllers using Optimization Techniques
- Topics in Machining with Industrial Robot Manipulators and Optimal
Motion Control
- Bayesian Inference for Nonlinear Dynamical Systems – Applications and
Software Implementation
* 2014
- CPU Resource Management and Noise Filtering for PID Control
- A Sequential Control Language for Industrial Automation
- Low-Rank Distributed Control with Application to Wind Energy
- From Competitive to Cooperative Resource Management for Cyber-Physical
- Particle Filtering and Optimal Control for Vehicles and Robots
* 2013
- Hierarchial Scheduling and Utility Disturbance Management in the Process
- On Robotic Work-Space Sensing and Control
- Workshop: Systems Design meets Equation-based Languages
- On Automation in Anesthesia
- Modeling and Prediction in Diabetes Physiology
* 2012
- Stochastic Event-Based Control and Estimation
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