Commit 2b273a00 authored by Anders Nilsson's avatar Anders Nilsson
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Added prettyprinting of attributes

parent 2c2fb5ee
......@@ -135,6 +135,11 @@ aspect GenPrettyPrinter {
pStream.println(" getElement(i).prettyPrint(indent,pStream);");
pStream.println(" }");
pStream.println(" }\n");
pStream.println(" syn String = \"\";");
pStream.println(" eq = \"Rdf:ID\";");
pStream.println(" public void Attribute.prettyPrint(String indent, PrintStream pStream) {");
pStream.println(" System.out.print(\" \"+id()+\"=\"+getValue().getSTRING_LITERAL());");
pStream.println(" }\n");
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