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......@@ -287,8 +287,8 @@ plot(vec_col(size(vec_col,2)),vec_row(size(vec_row,2)),'ko','LineWidth',4)
axis([0 row + 1 0 col + 1]);
grid on
title('Virtual Grid for Q-Learinig');
ylabel('$ index_{\theta_{mar}} $','interpreter','latex','FontSize',17);
xlabel('$ index_{y_{mar}}$','interpreter','latex','FontSize',17);
ylabel('$ \theta_{mar} $','interpreter','latex','FontSize',17);
xlabel('$ y_{mar}$','interpreter','latex','FontSize',17);
l = legend('${Start}$','${\alpha = 0.1 , \gamma = 0.8}$','${Goal}$','Orientation','Horizontal');
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