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......@@ -58,11 +58,38 @@ There are 2 different filestream types (each has the abstract super type `LabStr
* `ComediStream` : Represent the data stream between the host computer and the old IO-boxes using Comedi.
## Getting Started
### Installation
Instructions on installing the required software and setting up a connection between
the host computer and the BBB are found [here](https://gitlab.control.lth.se/labdev/LabConnections.jl/blob/master/docs/build/man/installation.md#installation-instructions)
the host computer and the BBB are found [here](https://gitlab.control.lth.se/labdev/LabConnections.jl/blob/master/docs/build/man/installation.md#installation-instructions).
After successfully setting up a connection between host computer and BBB, there
are several examples found [here](https://gitlab.control.lth.se/labdev/LabConnections.jl/blob/master/docs/build/examples/examples.md#examples)
### A Simple Example
We will here go through a simple example of using the host computer interface to communicate with the BBB and control the onboard system LEDs.
First make sure that you have followed the installation guide, and that the BBB is running a server and is connected to the host computer.
Then, start the Julia REPL and input
using LabConnections.Computer
to load the host computer interface. Then define a file stream `stream` and connect to the server running on the BBB by inputting
stream = BeagleBoneStream(ip"")
Now, we continue by defining the LED we want to control
led = SysLED(1)
The object `led` will now correspond to the first system LED on the BBB.
To tell the BBB that we want to control the LED, we make a call to `init_devices!`
init_devices!(stream, led)
Now we can start controlling the LED on the BBB. Let's begin by turning it on
put!(led, true)
The function `put!` puts a new command (`true`) to a device (`led`) to the file stream buffer.
Then, the function `send` empties the buffer, and sends the commands to the BBB.
You should now see the first system LED on the BBB being lit.
### More Examples
There are several examples found [here](https://gitlab.control.lth.se/labdev/LabConnections.jl/blob/master/docs/build/examples/examples.md#examples)
which let's you test out the functionality of `LabConnections.jl`.
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