Commit d00ca4b5 authored by Fredrik Bagge Carlsson's avatar Fredrik Bagge Carlsson
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Should be well prepared for tracking now

parent b2766084
......@@ -96,10 +96,10 @@ posteriorCovariance = zeros(size(A, 1), size(A, 1), N);
% =======================================================
for l = 1:N
audio = get_audio();
% TODO: Put the audio in the data object!
% Request processing
azimEst = dObj_sub.localization{1}.Data(end);
azimEst = dObj.localization{1}.Data(end,1); % There might be an issue with several sources here!
% Perform Kalman filter prediction and update
[x, P] = kf_predict(x, P, A, Q);
[x, P] = kf_update(x, P, azimEst, c', R);
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