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Added block diagrams

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\usepackage{tikz, amsmath}
\usetikzlibrary{shapes, positioning, arrows}
\begin{tikzpicture}[auto, >=latex, node distance=1.3cm, line width=0.2mm]
\tikzstyle{block} = [draw, rectangle,
minimum height=0.7cm, minimum width=1cm]
\tikzstyle{sum} = [draw, circle,label=center:{$+$}, minimum width=1em]
% We start by placing the blocks
\node [coordinate, name=input] {};
\node [sum, right=1cm of input] (sum) {};
\node [block, right of=sum] (controller) {$C(s)$};
\node [sum, right of=controller] (add_load) {};
\node [coordinate, above=.6cm of add_load] (load) {};
\node [block, right of=add_load] (system) {$P(s)$};
\node [block, below=0.6cm of add_load] (negative) {$-1$};
\node [sum, right of=system] (add_noise) {};
\node [coordinate, above=.6cm of add_noise] (noise) {};
\node [coordinate, right of=add_noise] (output) {};
% We draw an edge between the controller and system block to
% calculate the coordinate u. We need it to place the measurement block.
\draw [->] (input) -- node[name=r] {$r$} (sum);
\draw [->] (sum) -- node[name=e] {$e$} (controller);
\draw [->] (controller) -- node[name=u0] {$u$} (add_load);
\draw [->] (add_load) -- (system);
\draw [->] (system) -- node {$z$} (add_noise);
\draw [->] (add_noise) -- node[name=y] {$y$} (output);
\draw [->] (y) |- (negative);
\draw [->] (negative) -| (sum);
\draw [->] (noise) -- node {$n$} (add_noise);
\draw [->] (load) -- node {$d$} (add_load);
\usetikzlibrary{shapes, positioning, arrows}
\begin{tikzpicture}[auto, node distance=2cm, >=latex, line width=0.2mm]
% Define the usual nice things for block diagrams
\tikzstyle{block} = [draw, rectangle,
minimum height=1cm, minimum width=1cm]
\tikzstyle{sum} = [draw, circle, node distance=1cm]
% We start by placing the blocks
\node[block] (P) {$P$};
\node[coordinate, left of=P] (input){};
\node[coordinate, right of=P] (output){};
% Now we draw the edges
\draw[->](input) -- node {$u$} (P);
\draw[->](P) -- node {$y$} (output);
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