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moved compiler to its own directory

parent a9bcc9a3
(cd ../../lib/c; make) (cd ../../lib/c; make)
(cd ../../ ; ant jar) (cd ../../compiler ; ant jar)
java -jar ../../labComm.jar --java=gen --c=gen/simple.c --h=gen/simple.h java -jar ../../compiler/labComm.jar --java=gen --c=gen/simple.c --h=gen/simple.h
javac -cp ../../lib/java:. gen/*.java javac -cp ../../lib/java:. gen/*.java
#!/bin/sh #!/bin/sh
# Auto generate code from .lc file # Auto generate code from .lc file
java -jar ../../labComm.jar \ java -jar ../../compiler/labComm.jar \
--c=example.c --h=example.h \ --c=example.c --h=example.h \
--java=. \ --java=. \
--cs=example.cs \ --cs=example.cs \
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