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Include reference to the forked and modified serbus package

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......@@ -2,3 +2,20 @@
[![coverage report](](
Documentation available at [Documentation](
# OBS!
If you wish to work on the SPI implementation, simply clone the repository
"serbus", a small C stack available at `` into your
julia package directory (for example "~/.julia/v0.6"). Then, in the
LabConnections package on the host computer, run `` in the "/utils"
directory transferring both LabCOnnections and serbus to the BB.
On the BB, run
cp /home/debian/juliapackages/serbus/ /home/debian
and then execute
in the `/home/debian` directory to run the SPI example with the ADC from SPI0.
......@@ -7,7 +7,9 @@ NC='\033[0m'
BASEDIR=../../$(dirname "$0")
# Dependencies
packages=(LabConnections SPI_driver)
# LabConnections - main repository
# serbus - a fork of a SPI communicaiton interface
packages=(LabConnections serbus)
# Create an empty directory to bundle packages
if [ -d ${BASEDIR}/juliapackages ]; then
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