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......@@ -82,11 +82,29 @@ To tell the BBB that we want to control the LED, we make a call to `init_devices
init_devices!(stream, led)
Now we can start controlling the LED on the BBB. Let's begin by turning it on
put!(led, true)
The function `put!` puts a new command (`true`) to a device (`led`) to the file stream buffer.
Then, the function `send` empties the buffer, and sends the commands to the BBB.
send(led, true)
You should now see the first system LED on the BBB being lit.
The function `send` puts a new command (`true`) to a device (`led`) to the file stream buffer and
sends it immediately to the BBB.
We can read the current status of the LED by calling `read`
v = read(led)
You should now see a printout saying that the LED is turned on.
We can also stack several commands to the buffer before sending them to the BBB.
We do this with the command `put!`. To turn on 2 LEDS at the same time, we can call
led2 = SysLED(2)
led3 = SysLED(3)
init_devices!(stream, led2, led3)
put!(led2, true)
put!(led3, true)
Similarly we can read from several devices at the same time by using `get`
v1, v2 = read(stream)
### More Examples
There are several examples found [here](https://gitlab.control.lth.se/labdev/LabConnections.jl/blob/master/docs/build/examples/examples.md#examples)
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