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**Edit a file, create a new file, and clone from Bitbucket in under 2 minutes**
## Run the ScheduLearn program
In a terminal you enter the following command:
javac gui/
java gui.ScheduLearn
When you're done, you can delete the content in this README and update the file with details for others getting started with your repository.
or in eclipse you run the main method in the class.
*We recommend that you open this README in another tab as you perform the tasks below. You can [watch our video]( for a full demo of all the steps in this tutorial. Open the video in a new tab to avoid leaving Bitbucket.*
## Edit a file
You’ll start by editing this README file to learn how to edit a file in Bitbucket.
1. Click **Source** on the left side.
2. Click the link from the list of files.
3. Click the **Edit** button.
4. Delete the following text: *Delete this line to make a change to the README from Bitbucket.*
5. After making your change, click **Commit** and then **Commit** again in the dialog. The commit page will open and you’ll see the change you just made.
6. Go back to the **Source** page.
## Create a file
Next, you’ll add a new file to this repository.
## Clone the repository
1. Click the **New file** button at the top of the **Source** page.
2. Give the file a filename of **contributors.txt**.
3. Enter your name in the empty file space.
4. Click **Commit** and then **Commit** again in the dialog.
5. Go back to the **Source** page.
Use these steps to clone the repository. Cloning allows you to run everything locally.
Before you move on, go ahead and explore the repository. You've already seen the **Source** page, but check out the **Commits**, **Branches**, and **Settings** pages.
1. You’ll see the **Clone** button on the right side of the gitlab page.
2. Next to it is a **Download** button if you prefer to download a zip file and
unzip its content.
3. Press the **Clone** button and copy either the link for HTTPS or SSH cloning.
4. Open a terminal on your computer.
5. Navigate to where you want to place the repository.
6. Write
git clone LinkThatYouCopied
7. Run program according to prior instructions
## Clone a repository
Use these steps to clone from SourceTree, our client for using the repository command-line free. Cloning allows you to work on your files locally. If you don't yet have SourceTree, [download and install first]( If you prefer to clone from the command line, see [Clone a repository](
1. You’ll see the clone button under the **Source** heading. Click that button.
2. Now click **Check out in SourceTree**. You may need to create a SourceTree account or log in.
3. When you see the **Clone New** dialog in SourceTree, update the destination path and name if you’d like to and then click **Clone**.
4. Open the directory you just created to see your repository’s files.
Now that you're more familiar with your Bitbucket repository, go ahead and add a new file locally. You can [push your change back to Bitbucket with SourceTree](, or you can [add, commit,]( and [push from the command line](
## Feedback
This program is still in Beta version.
For feedback, please send an email to
1. Write "Help" documentation
2. Change save to include model
3. Fix QueueStrategy to avoid coupled code (duplicate in all sub-strategies)
1. Fix issue with taskset not arranging correctly when tasks are added before scheduling algorithm is choosen. *FIXED*
2. Fix Strategy-based priority assignment *FIXED*
3. Make space between buttons on left and the taskset-list. *FIXED*
1. EDF IS STILL WRONG :( Take into consideration distance to deadline, not just deadline size. *FIXED*
3. Added DMS and fixed RMS *FIXED*
*- Add Task, Change Task, Remove Task på samma rad*
*- Markeringsfunktion i guit för Change Task och Remove Task, användarvänligt*
- Spara taskset-värden när man klickar någon annanstans i GUI:t
*- Lägg till Taskset rubrik, som Schedule och Solution*
*- Alternativ till Task-panelen för användarvänlighet:
Bort med alla 3 knapparna, lägg ett "+"-tecken under den task som är längst ner för Add Task. Lägg till ett litet "x" till höger om varje task för Remove Task, och slutligen gör alla värdena ändringsbara direkt i guit genom en enkel klick. Särskilt priority så lägger sig allt i rätt ordning också.*
*- Bort med översta (3,3)*
*- File-menyn ändra till "Save As..." och "Open File..." eller "Open Project...". Ta bort Close, det är redundant*
*- Påminnelse ifall man inte vill spara projektet innan man stänger ned programmet, ifall man ändrat något. Detta görs enkelt om du håller reda på states med historik*
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