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The <a href="">26th Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems (ECRTS14)</a> was held in Madrid, Spain. ECRTS can be found on <a href=""></a>, <a href="">twitter</a> and <a href="">facebook</a>.<br><br>
02.03.2015 - Added Work in Progress call for papers<br>
19.02.2015 - Added Work in Progress chair<br>
07.02.2015 - Added notification date<br>
<a href="news.html">Complete list of news</a><br>
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02.03.2015 - Added Work in Progress call for papers<br>
19.02.2015 - Added Work in Progress chair<br>
07.02.2015 - Added notification date<br>
07.02.2015 - Added notification date<br>
18.12.2014 - Added submission link<br>
01.12.2014 - Added RTSOSP website<br>
01.12.2014 - Added WATERS website<br>
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<h4>Work in Progress Session</h4>
We seek contributions to a special Work-in-Progress (WiP) session of ECRTS'15.
The WiP session will be devoted to new and on-going research in real-time
systems and applications. We are especially interested in new and creative
ideas and approaches. Contributors to the WiP session will be required to give
a short oral presentation of their work and prepare a poster for the WiP
discussion forum that will be held after the presentations. Accepted submissions
will be included in a special ECRTS'15 WiP proceedings that will be distributed
to all ECRTS'15 conference participants and will be available electronically
from the Web.<br><br>
The primary purpose of this session is to provide researchers with an
opportunity to discuss their evolving ideas and gather feedback from
the real-time community at large. Submissions dealing with all aspects
of real-time issues are welcome. These include, but are not limited to:
<li>consumer electronics</li>
<li>multimedia and entertainment</li>
<li>process control</li>
<li>avionics and aerospace</li>
<li>automotive electronics</li>
<li>compiler support</li>
<li>programming languages</li>
<li>operating systems</li>
<li>model-driven engineering</li>
<li>component-based frameworks</li>
<li>communication networks</li>
<li>embedded devices</li>
<li>hardware/software co-design</li>
<li>power-aware and other resource-constrained techniques</li>
<li>wireless sensor networks</li>
<li>probabilistic analysis for RT systems</li>
<li>quality-of-service support</li>
<li>reliability, security and survivability</li>
<li>schedulability/sensitivity analysis</li>
<li>worst-case execution time analysis</li>
<li>verification/validation techniques</li>
<li>control and platform co-design</li>
Please note that papers that do not touch on real-time concerns will not be accepted.<br><br>
<h4>Submission Instructions</h4>
Submissions to ECRTS WiP should describe original on-going work. The
material must be unpublished and not under submission elsewhere. The
paper must be in the same format as in the final published
proceedings (A4 paper size = 210 x 297 mm = 8.2677 x 11.6929 inches,
two-column format, font size 10) and must be limited to a maximum of
four pages. Papers exceeding the maximum length will not be reviewed.
The layout should conform to the IEEE format for conference
proceedings (see <a href=""></a>).
LaTeX style files are available
<a href="">here</a>. Submissions
should be made electronically, in PDF format only via the Submission
Page for the ECRTS 2015 WiP Session: <br>
<p align=center><a href=""></a></p>
By submitting a paper, the authors agree and confirm that: neither
this paper nor a version close to it is under submission or will be
submitted before notification by ECRTS WiP 2015 and, if accepted, at
least one author will register and present the paper at the
conference in person.<br><br>
<h4>Important Dates</h4>
<li>Submission Deadline: 24 April 2015.</li>
<!-- <li>Notification of Acceptance: To be announced.</li>
<li>Camera Ready Submission: To be announced.</li> -->
<li>Notification of Acceptance: 22 May 2015.</li>
<li>Camera Ready Submission: 12 June 2015.</li>
<h4>Work-in-Progress Session Chair</h4>
<li><a href="" target="_blank">Harini Ramaprasad</a>, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA</li>
<!-- <h4>List of Accepted Papers and Presentations</h4>
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