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<b>Taxis in Sweden.</b> You should be a bit cautious when you take a taxi in Sweden. The taxi market is completely deregulated. The taxis are legally allowed to charge any rate they want, as long as the rate is shown on a small sign in the car window. The result of this is that there are quite a few "independent taxi operators" that try to scam foreigners/tourists. You are advised to only take a taxi that belongs to one of the large and trusted taxi companies. Normally they have their telephone numbers printed in large signs on the side/doors/roof of the cars. Also, in a line of taxi cars, you do not have to take the first car. You can pick anyone you like. At the department we normally use either Taxi Skåne or Taxi Kurir.
Several of the hotels in Lund are also so close to the train station that walking is best. These hotels include Grand Hotel, Hotel Lundia, Concordia, Hotel Oskar, and Hotel Duxiana.
<h4>Banquet Information</h4>
The banquet will be held at <a href="">Luftkastellet</a><br>
Luftkastellet is a conference and exhibition place just south of Malmö. It was created during the building of the Öresund bridge to host an exhibition about the bridge project. From the building you have excellent views of the bridge and of the Öresund. After the dinner there will be possibilities to round off the evening with drink or beer in Malmö.
Buses will leave from <b>Bangatan</b> (close to Lund Central station) at 18:30. Check the <a href=",13.1908544,13z/data=!4m2!6m1!1szyh264UoAHsw.kuBf-Zno2gI8">map</a> for more information.
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