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......@@ -43,10 +43,24 @@ and Cristina Seceleanu</li>
Chris Healy</li>
<!-- <h4>Demo Briefings</h4>
<h4>Tool Presentations and Verification Challenge (<a href="">WATERS</a>)</h4>
</ul><br> -->
<li>MAST: Modeling and analysis suite for real-time applications<br>
Michael González Harbour</li>
<li>IMITATOR: a tool for parametric verification and robustness analysis of real-time systems<br>
Youcheng Sun</li>
<li>ARTEMIS: A simulator for mixed-criticality management of networked real-time systems<br>
Olivier Cros</li>
<li>MPS-CAN Analyzer: A tool for end-to-end delay analysis of heterogeneous automotive networks<br>
Saad Mubeen and Mohammad Ashjaei</li>
<li>SimSo: A simulator of real-time scheduling algorithms<br>
Silvano Dal Zilio</li>
<li>A web based monitoring tool for AFDX networks<br>
Rodrigo Coelho</li>
<li>FMTV’15: The Formal Methods for Timing Verification challenge and its solutions<br>
Rafik Henia</li>
<h4>Call for Actions</h4>
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