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type 'conference4me' in Google Play, iTunes App Store, Windows Phone
Store or Amazon Appstore.<br><br>
26.05.2015 - New information about the <a href="program-keynote.html">keynote</a>, given by Michael Paulitsch from Airbus/Thales<br><br>
18.05.2015 - The conference <a href="program.html">program</a> is available<br>
18.05.2015 - The conference <a href="program.html">program</a> is available<br><br>
<a href="news.html">Complete list of news</a><br><br><br>
<img src="img/collage.jpg">
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<img src="img/logo.png">
<h4>Location map</h4>
A <a href=",13.1908544,13z/data=!4m2!6m1!1szyh264UoAHsw.kuBf-Zno2gI8">map of the relevant locations</a> is available.
<h4>Arrival Information</h4>
There are two airports close to Lund. One is Malmö Airport (Sturup), about 30 km southeast of Lund. The other one is Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup), which is located in Denmark, about 60 km away. Most international visitors arrive at Copenhagen Airport.
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