Commit 4822f9c3 authored by Sven Gestegård Robertz's avatar Sven Gestegård Robertz
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corrected length calculation in encoder

parent 54863675
......@@ -342,15 +342,12 @@ static int internal_reg_type(
printf("internal_reg_type: %s\n", signature->name);
int sig_size = calc_sig_encoded_size(e, signature);
int len1= labcomm2014_size_packed32(index);
int len2 =TODO_sizeof_intentions(signature);
int len3 =labcomm2014_size_packed32(signature->size);
int len4 =sig_size;
int len_idx= labcomm2014_size_packed32(index);
int len_ints =TODO_sizeof_intentions(signature);
int len_sigsize =labcomm2014_size_packed32(sig_size);
int len_sig =sig_size;
printf("len (index) : %d. (intentions) : %d, (sig_size): %d, (sig): %d)\n",
len1, len2, len3, len4);
int len = len1 + len2 + len3 + len4;
int len = len_idx + len_ints + len_sigsize + len_sig;
labcomm2014_write_packed32(e->writer, LABCOMM_TYPE_DEF);
labcomm2014_write_packed32(e->writer, len);
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