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started sketching NRT protocol

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typedef short number_t; // placeholder for protocol buffers like encoding
typedef byte[6] eth_addr;
// *** Service registration, lookup, and channel allocation
typedef struct {
string creatorId;
string svcId;
int version;
} serviceID; // Should probably be a PalCom-like struct
typedef struct {
string key;
byte value[-];
} property_t; // used for type info, grounding, etc.
typedef struct {
string name;
property_t properties[-];
param_t params[-];
} command_t;
typedef struct {
string name;
property_t properties[-];
} param_t;
typedef struct {
servicID svcID;
string name;
command_t commands[-];
byte data_description[-];
} serviceDescription; // d:o PalCom
typedef struct {
eth_addr device; // or more generic, as in PalCom?
serviceID svcID;
number_t instanceID;
string instance_name;
} service_instance;
sample struct {
service_instance svc;
number_t chnID; // the channel to use for connecting to the service
} service_register;
sample boolean ack;
sample struct {
} services_query;
sample struct {
service_instance svcs[-]
} services_list;
sample struct {
service_instance svc;
number_t bytes_per_period;
float periodtime; // in seconds // or number_t microseconds?
// importance?
} service_allocate_channel; // client -> GlobeThrottle to request connection
sample struct {
// requesting service instance?
number_t chnId; // the channel to send the connect message on
} service_channel_ACK;
sample struct {
float max_utilization;
// min period?
} service_channel_NACK;
// *** service to service connection negotiation
typedef struct {
number_t sender_chnId; // The chnID at the sender's side that will receive the response, and subsequent traffic;
} connect_t;
sample connect_t connect_request;
sample connect_t connect_response;
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