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This is an implementation (mainly Matlab Simulink) of the haptic interface for
teleoperation described in
Ghazaei Ardakani, M. M., M. Karlsson, K. Nilsson, A. Robertsson,
and R.Johansson
(2018). “Master-slave coordination using virtual constraintsfor a redundant
dual-arm haptic interface”. In:IEEE/RSJ Interna-tional Conference on Intelligent
Robots and Systems (IROS). October1–5, Madrid, Spain, pp. 8751–8757.
A video is available here:
Compile Simulink file:
Open teleoperation.mdl
Click on red box (you may have to adjust paths. You also need dynamics, see below.)
Press ctrl+B to build (c-code is generated and compiled)
An executable is generated into /tmp/$USER
You also need the robot dynamics for this. It is not public. Please contact
Congibotics to get the dynamics for ABB Frida (YuMi prototype).
See also wiki for info about Frida and force sensors:
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