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%% Import data and time conversion
% data 1:
odom_Matrix_data_1 = csvread('odom_PID_.39_.0005_.01.txt',1,0);
% time in position
TimeP_ros_data_1 = odom_Matrix_data_1(:,1); % ros time, needs to be converted to sec...
% duriation = end_time - start_time
durationP_data_1 = (TimeP_ros_data_1(size(TimeP_ros_data_1,1),:) - TimeP_ros_data_1(1,:))*10^(-9);
t_P_sec_data_1 = 0:durationP_data_1/size(TimeP_ros_data_1,1):durationP_data_1;
t_P_sec_data_1(:,size(t_P_sec_data_1,2)) = [];
%% Pose estimation
%data 1:
odom_X_data_1 = odom_Matrix_data_1(:,2);
odom_Y_data_1 = odom_Matrix_data_1(:,3);
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