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# This file is a template, and might need editing before it works on your project.
# An example .gitlab-ci.yml file to test (and optionally report the coverage
# results of) your [Julia][1] packages. Please refer to the [documentation][2]
# for more information about package development in Julia.
# Below is the template to run your tests in Julia
.test_template: &test_definition
# Uncomment below if you would like to run the tests on specific references
# only, such as the branches `master`, `development`, etc.
# only:
# - master
# - development
# Let's run the tests. Substitute `coverage = false` below, if you do not
# want coverage results.
- /opt/julia/bin/julia -e 'Pkg.rm("LabProcesses");Pkg.clone(pwd()); Pkg.test("LabProcesses",coverage = false)'
#- /opt/julia/bin/julia -e 'Pkg.update();Pkg.test("LabProcesses", coverage = true)'
# Comment out below if you do not want coverage results.
#- /opt/julia/bin/julia -e 'Pkg.add("Coverage"); cd(Pkg.dir("LabProcesses"));
# using Coverage; cl, tl = get_summary(process_folder());
# println("(", cl/tl*100, "%) covered")'
# Name a test and select an appropriate image.
image: julialang/julia:v0.6.0
<<: *test_definition
# REMARK: Do not forget to enable the coverage feature for your project, if you
# are using code coverage reporting above. This can be done by
# - Navigating to the `CI/CD Pipelines` settings of your project,
# - Copying and pasting the default `Simplecov` regex example provided, i.e.,
# `\(\d+.\d+\%\) covered` in the `test coverage parsing` textfield.
# WARNING: This template is using the `julialang/julia` images from [Docker
# Hub][3]. One can use custom Julia images and/or the official ones found
# in the same place. However, care must be taken to correctly locate the binary
# file (`/opt/julia/bin/julia` above), which is usually given on the image's
# description page.
# [3]:
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