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\title{Cyber-Physical Modeling of GPS Receivers for Power Efficient Localization Systems}
\title{Modeling of Power Consumption in GPS Receivers for Power Aware Localization Systems}
\author{Claudio Mandrioli}
\institution{Department of Automatic Control,\\Lund University}
......@@ -60,6 +60,9 @@ to our model we are able to capture the trade-offs (of the different
merging algorithms) programmatically and to expose the characteristics
of each solution.
\textcolor{red}{Even though then notions used to build the presented model are known in the litterature, their systematic study and integration has not been seen elsewhere by the authors. The development of this first-principle and simulable model allows, among the others, to: (i) the quantitative evaluaion of the energy cost of different sampling strategies at design phase, (ii) the possibility of comparing different sampling strategies without depending on the specific testing conditions.}
This paper is organized as follows. As much research has been done on
the topic of GPS optimization, Section~\ref{sec:related} describes
......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ Not Available Info & Not Available & Not Available & Off
GPS sensors locate themselves through a process called
\emph{trilateration}~\cite{bib:gps-book}. This process consists in
measuring the distance from 4 or more points in space (satellites),
whose position is known. Given the distance measurements, the GPS
whose positions are known. Given the distance measurements, the GPS
sensor then performs a least square estimation to determine its
current position. Figure~\ref{fig:globe} shows an example with five
satellites. To correctly estimate the current position, the GPS
......@@ -204,8 +204,8 @@ font=\footnotesize]
The GPS receiver provides a position estimate when it has collected
both the ephemeris and the ranging data for at least 4 satellites.
Detecting data from more than 4 satellites improves the positioning
accuracy. As for power consumption, the receiver always consumes a
Detecting data from more than 4 satellites can improve the positioning
accuracy. \textcolor{red}{This depents on many factors which are hard to model, e.g. the relative position of the stellites in sapce and the geography of the environment around the sensor. Therefore, for the sake of keeping the model at a reasonable complexity, it is only required to set a minimum number of satellites to be tracked, depending on the specific application. This number has to be equal to or greater than 4 and it being higher represents the the constraint of higher accuracy in the given application.} As for power consumption, the receiver always consumes a
(negligible) idle power. On top of that, the sensor consumes
additional power when its radio is turned on, which is precisely the
cause of battery draining. This power has been experimentally shown to
......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ Measurement Units (IMUs) in conjunction with the GPS receiver.
IMUs are sensors that usually include an accelerometer and a
gyroscope. The accelerometer measures the acceleration along the three
axis while the gyroscope measures the angular velocity of the
axes while the gyroscope measures the angular velocity of the
orientation changes. IMUs can be considered complementary to the
GPS. In fact, they provide a relative measurement (while the GPS
position is absolute), and are characterized by low power consumption,
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