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(Feel free to choose another text editor if you don't like gedit.) This step only needs to be done once. Henceforth you can start julia with the environment setup by running `./julialab1` in the current directory.
4. Start `./julialab1`
5. Install `BallAndBeam.jl` using command `using Pkg; Pkg.add(PackageSpec(url="", rev="julia1")); Pkg.add(PackageSpec(url="", rev="tommi")); Pkg.add("JLD"); Pkg.add("ControlSystems"); Pkg.add("Plots"); using BallAndBeam` Lots of packages will now be installed, this will take some time.
6. Type `cp(joinpath(pathof(BallAndBeam),"src","FRTN35_lab1.jl")), "FRTN35_lab1.jl"); edit("FRTN35_lab1.jl")`. The script `FRTN35_lab1.jl` will now open in the chosen text editor, edit it while following the lab manual. If unsure about how a function works, type `?function_name` for help.
7. Run `Pkg.activate(pathof(BallAndBeam))` to install further required packages.
6. Download the file FRTN35_lab1.jl from the course webpage and place it in your newly created FRTN35_lab1 directory.
# Documentation
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