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Add missing sysfilter functions

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julia 0.6
......@@ -8,7 +8,6 @@ Perform control experiemnt where the feedback and feedforward controllers are gi
`reference` is a reference generating function that accepts a scalar `t` (time in seconds) and outputs a scalar `r`, default is `reference(t) = sign(sin(2π*t))`.
The outputs `y,u,r` are the beam angle, control signal and reference respectively.
function run_control_2DOF(P::AbstractProcess,sysFB, sysFF=nothing; duration = 10, reference = t->sign(sin(2π*t)))
h = sampletime(P)
export periodically
export periodically, init_sysfilter, sysfilter!
@periodically(h, body)
......@@ -12,3 +12,23 @@ macro periodically(h, body)
state = init_sysfilter(sys::StateSpace)
Use together with [`sysfilter!`](@ref)
function init_sysfilter(sys::StateSpace)
output = sysfilter!(state, sys::StateSpace, input)
Returns the filtered output `y` in `y = Cx+Du, x'=Ax+Bu`
This function is used to implement control loops where a signal is filtered through a
dynamical system, i.e., `U(z) = C(z)E(z)`. Initialize `state` using [`init_sysfilter`](@ref).
function sysfilter!(state, sys::StateSpace, input)
state .= sys.A*state + sys.B*input
output = sys.C*state + sys.D*input
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