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# JuliaTikzModule.jl
Enables Julia code and Tikz code to coexist in the same file.
Enables Julia code and Tikz code to coexist in the same file.
### JuliaTikz
For installation, se the end of this README,
### JuliaTikz
` JuliaTikz(tikzfile,delete=true)`
Extract and run the Julia part of a combined tikz/Julia file.
The boundary between the two is the string
......@@ -32,3 +32,13 @@ as the remaining elements.
The default name of the file will be `<name>.csv`, where `<name>` is the value
of the global variable `name`, typically given by `JuliaTikz`. Another name may
be specified whith the second argument of `printcsv`.
## installation
To install, start by pushing the `clone` button in this repo and copying the URL. The HTTPS version should
always work, the SSH version should work if you have a suitable ssh key.
Enter the Pkg REPL by pressing `]` from the Julia REPL. You should get a prompt like
`(@v1.4) pkg> `. To add this package, type
` (@v1.4) pkg> add <URL> `
where ´<URL>` is the value you got from the clone commands above. Leave the Pkg by
pressing backspace or ^C. You can now type `using JuliaTikzModule` if you like.
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