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(cd ../../lib/c; make)
java -jar ../../labComm.jar --java=gen --c=gen/simple.c --h=gen/simple.h
javac -cp ../../lib/java:. gen/*.java
The simple labcomm example over a datagram channel
udp_encoder.c : the same as the simple encoder, but over an UDP writer
udp_decoder.c : d:o
thr_example.c : the samei over a raw ethernet datagram protocol, in one file,and parameterized
to take the ethernet interface to use and the destination to send to as
command line parameters
(cd ../../../lib/c; make)
gcc -o thr_example -L ../../../lib/c -I . -I .. -I ../../../lib/c thr_example.c ../gen/simple.c -llabcomm
#gcc -o thr_example -L ../../../lib/c -I . -I .. -I ../../../lib/c thr_example.c ../gen/simple.c ../../../lib/c/labcomm_thr_reader_writer.c ../../../lib/c/ThrottleDrv/*.c -llabcomm
(cd ../../../lib/c; make)
gcc -g -o udp_encoder -L ../../../lib/c -I . -I .. -I ../../../lib/c udp_encoder.c ../gen/simple.c ../../../lib/c/labcomm_udp_reader_writer.c udp_hack.c -llabcomm
gcc -g -o udp_decoder -L ../../../lib/c -I . -I .. -I ../../../lib/c udp_decoder.c ../gen/simple.c ../../../lib/c/labcomm_udp_reader_writer.c udp_hack.c -llabcomm
#gcc -o thr_encoder -L ../../lib/c -I . -I ../../lib/c thr_encoder.c gen/simple.c ../../lib/c/labcomm_thr_reader_writer.c ../../lib/c/ThrottleDrv/*.c -llabcomm
#gcc -o thr_decoder -L ../../lib/c -I . -I ../../lib/c thr_decoder.c gen/simple.c ../../lib/c/labcomm_thr_reader_writer.c ../../lib/c/ThrottleDrv/*.c -llabcomm
gcc -o thr_example -L ../../lib/c -I . -I ../../lib/c thr_example.c gen/simple.c ../../lib/c/labcomm_thr_reader_writer.c ../../lib/c/ThrottleDrv/*.c -llabcomm
gcc -g -o udp_encoder -L ../../lib/c -I . -I ../../lib/c udp_encoder.c gen/simple.c ../../lib/c/labcomm_udp_reader_writer.c ../../lib/c/udp_hack.c -llabcomm
gcc -g -o udp_decoder -L ../../lib/c -I . -I ../../lib/c udp_decoder.c gen/simple.c ../../lib/c/labcomm_udp_reader_writer.c ../../lib/c/udp_hack.c -llabcomm
CC = gcc
liblabcomm.a : labcomm.o labcomm_fd_reader_writer.o ethaddr.o
ar -r liblabcomm.a labcomm.o labcomm_fd_reader_writer.o ethaddr.o
liblabcomm.a : labcomm.o labcomm_fd_reader_writer.o labcomm_udp_reader_writer.o labcomm_thr_reader_writer.o ethaddr.o ThrottleDrv/ethernet_drv.o ThrottleDrv/throttle_drv.o
# ar -r liblabcomm.a labcomm.o labcomm_fd_reader_writer.o ethaddr.o
ar -r liblabcomm.a $^
labcomm.o : labcomm.c labcomm.h labcomm_private.h
......@@ -10,6 +11,8 @@ labcomm_fd_reader_writer.o : labcomm_fd_reader_writer.c labcomm_fd_reader_write
ethaddr.o: ethaddr.c
%o: %c %h
rm *.o
Throttlenet library
The library consists of a generic part and readers/writers for the low-level transport.
The stable low-level is the _fd_ variety, on top of unix sockets.
Currently, experimental varieties include datagrams on top of UDP and raw ethernet
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