Commit 78fc1083 authored by Sven Gestegård Robertz's avatar Sven Gestegård Robertz
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Actually added Makefile

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LCC=java -jar ${LCDIR}/compiler/labComm.jar
${LCC} --javapackage=${JAVA_PKG}.gen --java=${JAVA_PKG}/gen $<
${JAVA_PKG}/gen/FooSample.class: ${JAVA_PKG}/gen/
javac -cp ${CLASSPATH} $<
${JAVA_PKG}/server/TestServer.class: ${JAVA_PKG}/server/ ${JAVA_PKG}/gen/FooSample.class
javac -cp ${CLASSPATH} $<
${JAVA_PKG}/client/TestClient.class: ${JAVA_PKG}/client/ ${JAVA_PKG}/gen//FooSample.class
javac -cp ${CLASSPATH} $<
.PHONY : clean runserver runclient
runserver : ${JAVA_PKG}/server/TestServer.class
java -cp ${CLASSPATH} $(<:.class=)
runclient : ${JAVA_PKG}/client/TestClient.class
java -cp ${CLASSPATH} $(<:.class=)
clean :
rm ${JAVA_PKG}/server/*.class ${JAVA_PKG}/client/*.class ${JAVA_PKG}/gen/*
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