Commit 7ff39bbd authored by Sven Robertz's avatar Sven Robertz
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added python decoder to simple example

parent 88bea054
(cd ../../lib/c; make)
(cd ../../compiler ; ant jar)
java -jar ../../compiler/labComm.jar --java=gen --c=gen/simple.c --h=gen/simple.h
java -jar ../../compiler/labComm.jar --java=gen --c=gen/simple.c --h=gen/simple.h --python=gen/
javac -cp ../../lib/java:. gen/*.java
......@@ -2,3 +2,7 @@ java -cp .:../../lib/java:gen Encoder encoded_data
./example_decoder encoded_data
./example_encoder encoded_data
java -cp .:../../lib/java:gen Decoder encoded_data
echo "running python decoder (from wiki_example):"
PYTHONPATH=../../lib/python ../wiki_example/ encoded_data
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