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started sketching pragma

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A pragma "packet" is a sequence of fields, where each field is
a labcomm sample (in order to keep labcomm in-band self-describing).
A pragma packet has a type, which is a globally unique string
(e.g., java package-like name, URI, or UUID)
One predefined pragma sample type is labcomm_type_ref, which is used to refer
to labcomm sample types in a way that is unique on a given encoder/channel.
/* create a pragma packet for pragma type type
allocated in e->memory */
// (or, if that is visible to user code, should
// the parameter be a struct labcomm_memory*?)
struct labcom_pragma_packet * = labcomm_pragma_new(struct labcomm_encoder e*,
char *type);
/* add type reference field*/
void labcomm_pragma_add_ref(struct labcomm_signature sig);
// the semantics if more than one type reference field is undefined
// (as far as labcomm is concerned).
// One possible (pragma-type defined) semantic is that the latest type
// reference applies to the fields following it.
// an example session
struct labcom_pragma_packet pp = labcomm_pragma_new(enc, some_type));
labcomm_pragma_send(pp, enc);
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