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......@@ -148,10 +148,15 @@ only arrays of arrays.
The LabComm system consists of a compiler for generating code from the data
descriptions, and libraries providing LabComm communication facilities in,
currently, C, Java, Python, and C#.
currently, C, Java, Python, and C\#.
\subsection{The LabComm compiler}
The LabComm compiler generates code for the declared samples, including marshalling and
demarshalling code, in the supported target languages.
The compiler itself is implemented in Java using the JastAdd~\cite{jastadd} compiler compiler.
\subsection{The LabComm library}
The LabComm libraries contain functionality for the end-to-end transmission
......@@ -276,6 +281,24 @@ Running \verb+./example_encoder one two+, will yield the following result in exa
<sample_decl> <user_id: 0x40> <string: <len: 11> <"log_message">
<number_of_fields: 2>
<string: <len: 8> <"sequence"> <type: <integer_type>>
<string: <len: 4> <"line">> <type: <array_decl
<number_indices: 1> <variable_index>
<type: <struct_decl:
<string: <len: 4> <"last">> <type: <boolean_type>>
<string: <len: 4> <"data">> <type: <string_type>>
<sample_decl> <user_id: 0x41>
......@@ -327,7 +350,7 @@ VariableSize : Exp;
<packet> := ( <type_decl> | <sample_decl> | <sample_data> )*
<type_decl> := 0x01 ''(packed)'' <user_id> <string> <type>
<sample_decl> := 0x02 ''(packed)''<user_id> <string> <type>
<user_id> := 0x60..0xffffffff ''(packed)''
<user_id> := 0x40..0xffffffff ''(packed)''
<string> := <string_length> <char>*
<string_length> := 0x00..0xffffffff ''(packed)''
<char> := any UTF-8 char
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