Commit b88ba88e authored by Sven Gestegård Robertz's avatar Sven Gestegård Robertz
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added todo comment to c decoder

parent 74c192aa
......@@ -279,9 +279,11 @@ static int decode_pragma(struct labcomm_decoder *d, int len)
goto out;
//printf("read %d bytes\n", psize);
//TODO: add wrapped decoders, and create pragma decoder that does not
// expect a version packet
//TODO: add wrapped decoders, by adding a parameter
//struct labcomm_decoder *wrapped to all _internal_decode... functions
//incl internal_decode_one()
//and let the public function ...decode(d) call
struct labcomm_reader *pr = labcomm_bytearray_reader_new(
d->reader->memory, pragma_data, psize);
struct labcomm_decoder *pd = labcomm_decoder_new(
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