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......@@ -253,6 +253,35 @@ way of supporting the common cases is to include run-time checks for overflow in
and decoders.
\section{The LabComm language}
\subsection{Abstract syntax}
Program ::= Decl*;
abstract Decl ::= Type <Name:String>;
TypeDecl : Decl;
SampleDecl : Decl;
Field ::= Type <Name:String>;
abstract Type;
VoidType : Type;
PrimType : Type ::= <Name:String> <Token:int>;
UserType : Type ::= <Name:String>;
StructType : Type ::= Field*;
ParseArrayType : Type ::= Type Dim*;
abstract ArrayType : Type ::= Type Exp*;
VariableArrayType : ArrayType;
FixedArrayType : ArrayType;
Dim ::= Exp*;
abstract Exp;
IntegerLiteral : Exp ::= <Value:String>;
VariableSize : Exp;
\section{The LabComm protocol}
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