Commit 0c0368ae authored by Tommy Olofsson's avatar Tommy Olofsson
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Undo even more unnecc. changes.

parent 0a5a512c
......@@ -2,7 +2,6 @@
#include <string.h> // for memcmp
#include <stdio.h> // for debug printf
#define CMP_BUFLEN 512
/* Dump signature bytes on stdout
......@@ -78,10 +77,11 @@ static labcomm2014_bool sig_dump_checked(struct labcomm2014_signature_data *sign
labcomm2014_bool labcomm2014_signature_cmp( struct labcomm2014_signature_data *s1,
struct labcomm2014_signature_data *s2)
char buf1[CMP_BUFLEN];
int len1=CMP_BUFLEN;
char buf2[CMP_BUFLEN];
int len2=CMP_BUFLEN;
int buflen=512;
char buf1[buflen];
int len1=buflen;
char buf2[buflen];
int len2=buflen;
labcomm2014_bool res1 = labcomm2014_signature_dump(s1, buf1, &len1);
labcomm2014_bool res2 = labcomm2014_signature_dump(s2, buf2, &len2);
if(res1 || res2) {
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