Commit 52ecfac4 authored by Leif Andersson's avatar Leif Andersson
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parent 3d665721
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ foreach ($members as $member) {
if ($member->SkolaForetag) {$adr .= '<td>'.$member->SkolaForetag.'</td>';$col++;}
if ($member->Avdelning) {$adr .= '<td>'.$member->Avdelning.'</td>'; $col++;}
if (!$member->Adress) {$member->Adress = $member->Hem; $col++;}
if (!$member->Adress) {$member->Adress = $member->Hem;}
if ($member->Adress) {
$aas = explode("\n",$member->Adress);
foreach($aas as $aa) {$adr .= '<td>'. $aa .'</td>'; $col++;}
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