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Added my impressions of the Franka robot

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\textbf{Safety}: This is a light-weight collaborative robot. \\
\textbf{Support and availability}: Perhaps not available, and non-commercial use only.\\
\textbf{Price}: Arm, Control, Desk: \euro{9,900}, Research App bundle: \euro{4,100}. \\ Total: \euro{14,000}.
\textbf{Impressions (Olof)}: The robot seems quite fragile, it was broken half of the time during the 3 day visit to University of Brescia. Nikon measurements of the robot suggests that the kinematic and control accuracy is substandard, with errors of up to 50 mm when soft locking the TCP and moving the elbow in the null space. Also, the robot operators insisted that only a high-level browser interface and ROS was possible to use for controlling the robot.
\section{Universal Robots UR3--10}
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