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function signal = get_audio()
global bass;
persistent lastLastIndex;
persistent lastIndex;
persistent fs;
persistent p;
if isempty(fs)
p = bass.Audio();
fs = p.Audio.sampleRate;
lastLastIndex = 0;
lastIndex = 0;
p = bass.Audio();
lastIndex = p.Audio.lastFrameIndex;
diffIndex = lastIndex - lastLastIndex;
tempLeft = cell2mat(p.Audio.left);
tempLeft = tempLeft(max(end-diffIndex+1,1):end);
tempRight = cell2mat(p.Audio.right);
tempRight = tempRight(max(end-diffIndex+1,1):end);
lastLastIndex = lastIndex;
signal = [tempLeft; tempRight];
\ No newline at end of file
global client
global bass
client = genomix.client('turtlebot1-wifi:8080');
bass = client.load('bass');
\ No newline at end of file
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