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created forlder for test cases and main script

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%% script that runs all the test cases defined
% every time a new test-case is define simply add it here
% test_get_settings_car
% test_get_settings_cycling
% test_gps_randomized_car
% test_gps_randomized_cycling
% test_GPSaidedINS_car
% test_GPSaidedINS_cycling
% test_gravity
% test_main_car
% test_main_cycling
% test_main_tradeoff_car
% test_main_tradeoff_cycling
% test_Nav_eq
% test_plot_single_trace
% test_plot_tradeoff
% test_q2dcm
% test_Rt2d
\ No newline at end of file
% test case for function test_dcm2q
%purpose: verify correctness of the function in the basic case of null
% cosine matrix and that the function runs without interruption
%oracle: easy to chekc from the formulae
clear all
close all
cd ..
cd tests
if q~=[0;0;0;0.5]
error('error in function dcm_2q')
disp('function dcm_2q ok')
\ No newline at end of file
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