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Update ballandbeam.jl

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......@@ -99,8 +99,8 @@ function control(p::AbstractBeamOrBallAndBeam, u::AbstractArray)
control(p::AbstractBeamOrBallAndBeam, u::Number) = send(p.control,u)
control(p::BeamSimulator, u) = p.s(u)
control(p::BallAndBeamSimulator, u) = error("Not yet implemented")
control(p::BeamSimulator, u::Number) = p.s(u)
control(p::BallAndBeamSimulator, u::Number) = error("Not yet implemented")
measure(p::Beam) = read(p.measure)
measure(p::BallAndBeam) = [read(p.measure1), read(p.measure2)]
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